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  • yurikawano

Ongiri & Onigirazu demonstration

I had such a fun food demonstration yesterday. To be honest, I was a little overwhelmed by the big audience, but actually I really enjoyed doing my demo! Thank you for all your support. This was my 4th annual food demonstration at Mochitsuki event, and there are some repeated audiences too. I feel so honored to be part of this community event with all other amazing food people and represent Japanese and healthy food and culture together!


サポートしてくれたお客さん、友人、関係者のみなさんに感謝いたします。 大好きな食人間の皆さんと一緒に、日本の文化とヘルシーなフードについて伝えていけること、歴史あるこのイベントの一部になれていることを幸せに思います。ありがとう。