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2nd Annual Community Miso Making

Our second annual community miso making was done at the beautiful Vibrant Valley Farm in the best way we could ask for.

We made miso with about 30 people last year, and we invited about 40 more people this year to open last years miso, make more miso, and have a picnic all together. They are all like minded people who love food and care about community.

By using our hands and sharing our live culture starter, what we wanted to create was not only miso which is our sauce of nutrition and super immune booster but also a strong community which is our necessary mind booster and safe place we can feel the sense of belonging and the place we can go back when we need (where the good food and people are waiting for us!)

You feel like your homemade miso is always the best miso ever, so people say “this is like my own miso but..” before they praise themselves. This event was “just like my own miso” so special and filled me up.

Community farm miso was organized by Lola from Umi Organic, Sakiko and Yuri from LIFE Sampling. Special thanks to Kara from vibrantvalleyfarm . Yuri and Earnest from jorinji miso.







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