Camp Fire Smoke Repellent

Camp Fire Smoke Repellent

When smoke hit your eyes around fire, repeat "white rabbit" over and over. Well, it won't work but it gets less annoying.


焚き火の煙が自分の方にやってきて、目が痛くなった時は、「ホワイトラビット」と繰り返し唱えよう。煙がこなくなるから!と言いたいけれど、実際に効果があるのは実は稀。でも少し嫌な気分は解消されるはず。(きいな 5歳)

Story behind:

One day my daughter, who was 5 at that time, share this spell. We still have no idea where it came from, we have tried it around the fire all the time. It won't work as nearly as we wish, but it brought us smiles all the time.

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