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Recipe: Dried Tangerine Peel

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Dried Tangerine Peel by Theola

Keep dried tangerine peel in your house and use it for soups, tea, and baking. You can also grind it down in a food processor and rub it over a nice pork.

This can be tangerine, mandarin, or orange but we like the thin skinned fruit the best as it dries faster and is more delicate in flavor.

  1. Peel the orange in one piece.

  2. Optional step: Take a serrated knife and scrape off the white pith if you like it less bitter

  3. Set it on a plate to dry in a bright area like near your window. If you remember, turn it over once a day. It should take a few days to a week depending on the weather / humidity. No big deal if you forget.

  4. When it is all hard and crispy with no soft parts, it is ready to use.

  5. The longer it sits the darker it will become and have a more rich flavor, and a less aged peel has a brighter flavor

  6. Store in an airtight container


乾燥みかんの皮 (魔法提供:ティオラ)


  1. みかんの皮を一枚につながった皮としてむきます

  2. オプションの手順:苦みを抑えたい場合は、のこぎり歯タイプのナイフなどで、皮の内側の白い部分を取り除きます。

  3. トレイの上に皮を置き、窓際などの明るい場所で乾かします。天気と湿度によりますが、数日から一週間ほどで完成します。1日一回ほど裏返すといいですが、覚えていたら程度で。

  4. 柔らかい箇所がなく、硬く、パリパリとした状態になれば使えます。

  5. 短期間乾燥させたものははっきりとした味がし、長く乾燥させるほどに味わいが増していきます。

  6. 完成したら、密閉容器で保管します。


Story Behind:

This is the magical recipe shared by Theola, the creator of moon babe blanket. She told me that she always has dried tangerine in her kitchen and use it for may pursues. Chinese people say that orange peel is very good for digestion, and it just tastes nice.

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