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Recipe: Japanese Noodle Soup Base

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Japanese Noodle Soup Base / Mentsuyu(Concentrated)

This concentrated soup base can be used not only for Japanese noodle soups but also as a dipping sauce for tempura or deep-fried tofu, seasoning for pasta or slow-cooked vegetables and so many others. It is one of the must-have super seasonings in our fridge!


  • 1 1/4cup (300ml)Mirin

  • 3/4cup+2TBS (200ml) Sake

  • 4pc 1x5" (20g) Kombu (Dried Kelp)

  • 2cups+2TBS (500ml) Soy Sauce or Tamari

  • 2cups packed (50g) Katsuobushi (Dried Bonito Flakes)


  1. Put mirin, sake, and kombu in a medium-sized pot overnight

  2. Cook the mixture over med heat

  3. When you start seeing the bubbles on the surface, add soy sauce

  4. When it gets bubbly again, add Katsuobushi

  5. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 5 mins

  6. Stop the fire and set aside for 10 mins

  7. Strain the soup and store it in a glass jar in the refrigerator

*This soup is concentrated, so mix with about triple the amount of water when you use (water:soup base = 3:1)

*Can be used both cold and hot


麺つゆ (3倍濃縮)




200ml 酒

20g 昆布

500ml 醤油

50g 鰹節


  1. 鍋にみりん、酒、昆布を合わせて、一晩置く。

  2. 鍋を中火にかける。

  3. ふつふつとしてきたところで醤油を加える。

  4. 再びふつふつしてきたら鰹節を加える。

  5. 弱火にし、5分ほど加熱する。

  6. 火を止め、10分ほど置く。

  7. 漉してから便などに入れ、冷蔵保存する。




Story Behind:

Growing up in Japan, we always had my mom's homemade noodle soup in the fridge, and now we have it in our fridge to feed our family. All year round, we eat lots of noodle soups cold and hot with different types of ingredients; seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, eggs, tofu, pork, seaweeds, etc.

Our always favorite is a soba noodle with whatever summer vegetables we found in our garden like shishitos, eggplants, zucchinis, etc:

cooked summer vegetables with sesame oil and salt

boil soba noodles and chill them

top noodles in vegetables and pour broth over the top

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