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Recipe: Lemon Honey

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Lemon Honey

Pack thin-slices fresh lemons in a jar and pour honey over them. Mix well. You can use it right away, but the taste gets better the next day. Squeeze one extra lemon if you want more liquid (especially for mixing it with cold drinks).

In the summer, we often use this for sparkling lemonade and pour over shaved ice or yogurt. In the winter, we mix it with echinacea tea or drink it as a throat-coating syrup. We also use it as a sweetener for baking.






Story Behind:

This lemon honey was something always kept in the fridge as Yuri was growing up. Now, it is our must-to-have item in our fridge as our all-year-round special treat. It is easy to make yet so useful and flavorful! -Yuri

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