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Recipe: Shiso Miso

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When you harvest lots of shiso leaves, make this shiso miso which goes really well with rice, grilled tofu, and vegetables.

  • 30 Shiso Leaves

  • 6tbs Miso

  • 3tbs Sugar

  • 1.5tbs Mirin

  • 1.5 tbs Sake

Wash shiso and wipe the water off. Cook thin-slices shiso with 1TBS oil in a pan over medium heat. Mix the rest of all ingredients in a bowl and add to the pan. Stair constantly until it became a smooth paste.




  • しその葉30枚

  • 味噌 小6

  • さとう 小3

  • みりん 小1.5

  • 酒 小1.5


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