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World Cancer Dayに思うこと。



私ではない。 私のことではない。



自分をもっと愛すること。 世界の見方を少し変えること。 生きるスピードを落とすこと。



癌は、突然起こります。 少なくとも、そう見える状態で起こることもあります。 そして、誰にでも起こりうるのです。

定期検診、人間ドックを受けましょう。 自分の体の声を聞きましょう。 それ以上に、心の声を聞きましょう。

家族と友人を大切に。 癌の人を自分のできる形で支えてあげましょう。 私たちはお互いが必要です。 自分を信じ、 愛の力を信じましょう。


---------------------- A little over one year ago, my blood making factory started producing cancer cells. Although it happened in my own body, I was too busy with daily stuff to notice whats going on. I was so good at finding different types of excuses not to prioritize myself and take care of my true feelings.

Although I know that cancer is very common disease to have and have friends and families who suffered from cancers, it had never been “my thing.” I had never expected that I would be a cancer patient. Not me. Not my thing.

Leukemia invaded my body without my permission or agreement or some kind of heads up. They did not leave my land on their own accord even after they were discovered. However, I was lucky. I was lucky enough to receive all love and supports I needed from my family, friends and medical workers. They helped me to convince my cancer cells to decolonize from my body. At the same time, I made a big promise to myself that I will love myself more, change my perspective toward my life, and slow down.

On the world cancer day, I would like to send my huge appreciation and love to everybody who has always been there for us. Also, I am sending all my love and positive energy to all the people who are suffering from a cancer right now and people who are supporting them. Last but not least, I would like to say I am proud of everybody who had cancers and faced their faith. And one more, I am giving a big high five to myself.

Cancer can happen totally out of blue. At least it seems to happen like that way. Cancer can happen to anybody.

Take regular health check ups. Listen to your body. Listen to your heart even more. Love yourself.

Be nice to your family and friends. Support any cancer patients in the way you can. We need each other. We need to believe in ourselves. We need to believe in our love.

I love you all.


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