Everything you need to make your own 4lb organic miso and more!


For Japanese people, Miso (味噌) is not only a magical ingredient for daily cooking but also it is a medicine, a secret source of Japanese longevity and samurai strength. The process of making miso is the process of changing raw ingredients and your own bacteria into this special food which can enrich your health and life.


This bag contains:

  • Miso making workshop access
  • Organic soybeans
  • Organic make-to-order fresh koji (fermentation culture) from Jorinji miso (see "featured local")
  • Organic salt
  • Organic hot pepper
  • Miso making instruction
  • Our original miso book with stories and recipes
  • Sample (miso or shio Koji)


* Ohiostonewear 1 gallon ceramic crock is available as an add on item

* Perfect gift for food lovers and health-conscious people!

All about Miso

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  • Featuring Locals

    Jorinji Miso (https://www.jorinjimiso.com/)

    This bag contains fresh koji made by the local miso maker, Jorinji Miso. Jorinji is a local couple owned business by Earnest Migaki, who is a third-generation Japanese American born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and Yuri Migaki, who is Japanese and moved to Portland in 2015. They treat their products as they are their children who are the key to our healthy community futures. They talk to their products, take the best care of them, and send them to their customers in the best condition they can be. 
    We have used their organic fresh koji for our miso making workshops and my own homemade miso, and I cannot recommend their products enough. I feel honored to feature their Koji in this bag!