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Deconstruction - Our New Food Event

Come join us for the Pop-Up Dinner with "Deconstruction" theme.

Deconstruction is not equal to demolition. Instead, it means “breaking down,” breaking something down into small pieces as if we are paying attention to smaller pieces or helping them to be reborn with new purpose… it could be a beautiful and spiritual ceremony to appreciate the past being and celebrate new being.

And we decided to add more aspects to this ceremony; yummy food and connection to Japanese culture.

Throughout the night, we will enjoy different types of “deconstruction” activities followed by a Japanese style Kaiseki dinner and our original secret ceremony.

All benefits will go to the California Wildfire Relief Fund.

Tickets are available at:

----------- When: March 17th (Sun) 6:00 pm - 8:30pm

Where: Two Stroke Coffee House (8926 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203)

Who: 21+ / Sorry no kids...

Menu: Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. The dinner sourcing and preparation will be thoroughly explained at the event. It will include food direct from Able farm and mushrooms from Ash Tree Farms. You can expect pork, mushrooms, squash, herbs, rice, chickpea miso, and sashimi (market fresh)farm greens, seasonal dessert, etc. It will not be vegan or vegetarian-friendly. Bubbly water will be served in addition and in lieu of sake' if you are alcohol-free.

Details: We will begin the evening with Yuri Baxter Neal of Life Sampling PDX guiding you through traditional Japanese micro-seasons accompanied by tea and mochi snacks, then proceed with Yohhei Sato of Sato Sharpening who will display Japanese style wet stone knife sharpening, and lastly we will sit down for a traditional Kaiseki meal prepared by Megan Denton of Able Farms, accompanied by sake' from Sake One. All plate ware will be specially crafted for the evening by ceramicist Mychelle Denton of Tellus Fabulas Ceramics.

Note: Bring sunglasses or protective goggles with you.

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