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Deconstruction Event Report

Our “Deconstruction” night was done with wonderful community people. It was not only a dinner gathering but also a special ceremony to break something into smaller pieces to discover new beauties. It was breaking negative energy and habits and being more mindful and caring for yourself, your loved ones and our world.

We decorated a local coffee shop (Two Stroke Coffee co.) and turned it into a forestry dining space. Also for the Japanese cultural aspects, I introduced Japanese 72 micro-seasons and phenology. Then, I talked about Japanese spring equinox and “ohigan” (the day we connect to ancestors and spiritual world)” and served traditional Japanese azuki sweets and soybean+buckwheat tea.

It was followed by a wet stone knife sharpening (breaking the old iron and creating new edges). And of course, we enjoyed Kaiseki style dinner prepared by Megan Megan Denton with farm-direct ingredients.

It was a perfect spring night...





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