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Pop Up Village in Japan

Yuri from LIFE sampling has launched her new project in Japan for summer 2018 and beyond!

2018 Summer Pop Up Village Open in Japan!

In a piece of farm land in Hokkaido, the northern island in Japan, we will create and open the pop-up village called "musou". It is a village where we can meet and share the place, time, skill and experience in an off- the grid setting. You can decide what you do or doing nothing. The time we spend there is temporary, but the community and connection you will create there will stay in your lives for a long long long time. Would you like to join us to make a big family in a small land?!

You can see the details at

期間限定のオフグリットな共同生活2018 Summer Pop Up Village解放します!

北海道の牧場の一角に夏の10日間だけ作られる「むそう村」。多世代、多国籍、多目的の人が集まって、期間限定の手作り共同生活。「したいこと」も「何もしない」も尊重し、場所、時間、知識、経験をシェアします。期間限定なんだけど、そこでの出会いとつながりは、その後もずっとずっと残るもの。小さな村での、大きな家族作り体験。 あなたも一緒にしませんか?詳しくは、ホームページをご覧ください。

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