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Quote: The Three Gates of Speech

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Three gates of Speech - Rumi

Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates:

At the first gate, ask yourself “Is it true?”

At the second gate, ask, “Is it necessary?”

At the third gate, ask, “Is it kind?”



This is a quote from Rumi, but we Japanese people believe that mystical powers and spirits (言霊:kotodama) dwell in words too. Through our words, we are passing and spreading the energy and spirits to others and the world.


言葉がくぐるべき三つの門 (ルミの言葉)


一つ目の門: 「その言葉は真実か」

二つ目の門: 「その言葉を言う必要はあるか」

三つ目の門: 「その言葉に思いやりや優しさはあるか」

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