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Ritual: First Day Ritual

*Spell Sharing - Ritual*

First Day Ritual

On the first day of school, ask the following questions and put the answers on paper.

What do you want to do when you grow up? (wish/dream) What kind of person do you want to be? (affirmation) What are the 20 things you like? (favorites)

You can ask totally different questions and do this ritual on the different "first days"; the first day of the year, spring, summer break, or anything. It can be annual or seasonal, or even monthly. It is nice to have a default date and questions so that you can see the annual (or seasonal) changes/similarities comparing with the previous ones. Also, this ritual helps us to understand own self and others.




将来どんなことをしたいか。  (夢と希望) どんなヒトでありたいか。 (アファメーション) 好きなこと20個。



Story Behind:

We have done this annual ritual for quite a while now. When our children were younger, I drew pictures of "future me" and their favorite things - so that they can visually reassure what they felt at that moment. Now we put our answers in words, and our older child likes making his own sign.

In the process of making these signs, we think and feel lots of ourselves and enjoy talking and sharing them with others.

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