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Recipe: Furikake

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FURIKAKE (After Making the Noodle Soup Base)

Japanese cuisine has so many condiments and pickles to enrich the flavor of warm cooked rice. Furikake is one of those seasonings. You can make it with fish, seaweeds, and vegetables. to sprinkle on top of the rice. After making the homemade noodle soup base, save "used”katsuobushi and kombu to make this furikake. It takes less than 10 minutes to have another flavor on the table. Add some vegetable tops, which people tend to throw away, to complete your "no waste" cooking!


  • 2 cups Katsuobushi and Kombu after making noodle soup base

  • 1" Ginger

  • 4 Large Shiitake

  • 1.5-2 Cups of Vegetable Tops (carrot, turnip, daikon radish, etc.)


  • Chop all ingredients into small pieces

  • Cook ginger with sesame oil in a pan over medium heat

  • Add vegetable tops

  • Add the rest of all ingredients

  • Cook them until the liquid is almost evaporated (about 5 minutes)

  • Once it gets cool down, you can add roasted sesame seeds and dried nori seaweed

*Add more mirin, sake, soy sauce if you prefer

*Add chili pepper for spicy flavor

*Sprinkle on the top of rice, tofu, salad, or even popcorns

*You can make Furikake with dried katsuobushi and kombu without making a soup base. Cook them with 2TBS soy sauce, 2TBS mirin, and 1TBS sake. Add 1TBS sugar for a sweeter flavor.





  • かつお節と昆布のだしがら2カップほど

  • 生姜 1かけ

  • しいたけ 大4つ

  • 野菜の葉 1.5-2カップ



  • 全ての材料を細かく刻む

  • フライパンを中火にかけ、ごま油で生姜を軽く炒める

  • 葉っぱを炒める

  • 残りの材料を炒める

  • 水分がほとんどなくなるまで5分ほど炒め、火を止める

  • 余熱が取れたらお好みでごまや刻んだのりを入れる





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