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Recipe/Ritual: Miso Dips

*Spell Sharing - Recipe*

Miso Dips / Cilantro Miso

We always have lots of miso dips in our fridge and use them with rice balls, toast, grilled fish, and vegetables. Here is one of the easiest miso dips to make!

Cilantro Miso:

Mix 2TBS chopped cilantro and 2TBS miso and enjoy!

They are good with steamed vegetables and fried tofu. Also, you can simply use it to make miso soup too.

Oh, don't forget to eat some vanilla bean ice cream with miso honey!


味噌ディップ / パクチー味噌







Story Behind:

During our miso-making workshops, we serve colorful vegetables with different types of miso dips. At the same time, we asked our participants to share their miso recipes.

This cilantro miso receipt was introduced by our friend Emi who joined our first miso-making workshop in 2016, and since then, it has been one of our most favorite ones.

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